Frequently Asked Questions

How to book?

It is very easy to book us for your upcoming events. Send us your request via email on [email protected] or call us on +230 52526107 . Note that a booking fees is required to safeguard the date.

How far we edit photos?

We retouch our photos so that they look natural, Eg: Brightness, contrast, Saturation is tuned. We do not offer intense photo editing in our package, Else agreed in the contract.

Do I received refunds after cancellation?

Once you do a booking, the down-payment is not refundable. Once the event is cancelled or postponed. Please speak to us so that we can adjust the date according to our availability

Do we keep your backups?

Once the product is delivered to the client, it is the end-customer sole responsibility to keep the data safe. We are not going to be responsible for any lost after 2 weeks of final delivery.

Photobook Processing duration

Once you select your photos, it usually takes 4-8 weeks to get the photobook design and printed. More time required in peak seasons.

Do we give raw photos or all photos clicked?

No we do not supply RAW. We know that it can take dozens of snaps to get exactly that perfect version of a shot, and since our team shoot in RAW format this would mean editing hundreds of extra not-perfect shots rather than focusing on delivering you the best of the bunch. 


Depending where you are staying, we can recommend some really good places for you or you can suggest as well. However, it is often better to discuss it together. Please note that transport fees varies on location.


It is always advised to wear the clothes which make you feel good and comfortable. Usually, contrasting outfits, being eye-catching, are preferred over all matching clothes, but all white, or white + jeans still make classy combination. Speak to us, we shall guide you.

What is the best time for photoshoot?

Ideally, afternoon is a good time for photo session We avoid photoshoots in the midday for best results.

How long it takes for delivery?

Usually it takes 2 to 6 months in peak season. Since printing is not in our control, it sometimes takes 3-5 weeks from design to approval and printing the final.

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